Time to return her the best on her special day.

Time to return her the best on her special day.

Once you get married your wife turns out to be everything to you, your soul mate, your best friend, your family, and in short everything. She means a lot to you. The day you get married she starts sacrificing everything for you and your happiness. Now it's your time to return her for every sacrifice she has made for you.  Fasting on many different occasions and starving herself for your good luck, better life and health is one of the biggest sacrifices she makes for you. One such special and auspicious day is karwachaut. Karwachaut is one of the biggest and the holiest days when married women fast for their husbands and unmarried fast for getting a good husband. On this day women wake up early and have their food before dusk and then have a fast till the time moon appears in the sky and this fast is waterless that is the females do not consume even a sip of water the whole day.

Since your wife sacrifices so much on this day you must do a little effort to make this day special and remarkable for her. Casual gifts are common in trend but you should give her something unique and something out of the box, for the same we introduce a special karwachaut combo. This is a combo which is specially  designed to meet the needs of karwachaut. This combo comprises a thali, one lota , a chaani and one glass. These are the basic requirements needed on this day.

The special thing about this combo is that you can get it customized according to your needs and you can get your photos and quotes over them.  The material about the things we use is of superfine quality. These karwachaut gifts are of best quality and which will make you and your wife happy and make her day special.

Since she keeps herself hungry for you and everything good to take place in life so this is the correct time and the most correct gift is infront of you.

Karwa’ is another name for an earthen pot, while ‘Chauth’ means fourth in Hindi. There is a belief that it started because men had to be at war for a long time, leaving their wives and children behind. As a result of which, ladies prayed for the well-being of their beloved husbands.


Women prepare for this festival well in advance, theyy buy a new outfit, adornments, and puja items. On the day of the fast, women wake up before sunrise to eat Sargi  and drink water. If they are married, this meal is usually prepared by the woman’s mother-in-law.

And to serve this purpose we have brought you the best every trendy combo of all the essesntials needed on this day.


In some regions, women gather during the evening and one of them speaks about the significance of the festival and various stories attached to it.  The women await the rise of the moon to break their fast. Once the moon is visible, depending on the customs each region or household follows, women view the moon or its reflection through a sieve. Subsequently, they offer water to the moon and pray for their husband’s long life, health, and happiness. The husbands take a glass of water from the thali and ask their wives to take a sip of water to break the fast.



Get this special special gift for her and make this karwachaut special!

Yes! On this auspicious occasion, you can make your partner feel extra special by gifting them sweet and memorable gift from us.



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